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VAST/toOpenMP from Crescent Bay Software is a parallelizing optimizer that adds OpenMP directives to C or Fortran programs. Translated programs have portable parallelism that can execute efficiently on a variety of SMP parallel systems from multi-cpu PCs to Supercomputers.

VAST/toOpenMP can be used either in "translator" mode, where the source is retained, or "precompiler" mode, in which it is part of the compiler tool chain. For precompiler mode, CBS supplies a compiler driver for seamless parallelizing compilation. This driver can target any compiler that accepts OpenMP directives, and "looks like" the compiler in all respects as far as command-line compatiblity. (For example the Intel ifort compiler on SGI Altix systems.) NOTE: For OpenMP compilation, see VAST/Parallel.

Why OpenMP? OpenMP is a new set of directives (see OpenMP specificiation) that allows programmers to write efficient portable code at a high level for a shared memory parallel system. A properly constructed OpenMP program will run efficiently on many kinds of SMP parallel systems, with few or no coding changes. It is much easier to understand and maintain than other programming models for these systems, such as directly coding in low-level calls to thread or message-passing library.
Automatic translation VAST/toOpenMP automatically translates existing programs to highly efficient new sources that use OpenMP directives. Automatic parallelization features include:
  • Expanded parallel regions.

  • Automatic recognition of parallel sections.

  • Parallelization of reduction operations.

  • Outer loops optimizations, including fusion and interchange.

Additional Performance VAST/toOpenMP's translation of older code into OpenMP can be a first step in getting an application into parallel mode The user can refine and tune the new OpenMP program to obtain even greater amounts of parallelism.
Availability VAST/toOpenMP is available on several platforms, including:
  • SGI Altix
  • Linux/IA64
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux/x86
  • Linux/PowerPC
Please contact Crescent Bay Software for current availability information.
VAST/toOpenMP package Included with each VAST/toOpenMP package is:
  • VAST/toOpenMP: C or Fortran to OpenMP Translator.
  • VAST/toOpenMP compiler driver
  • VAST/toOpenMP User's Guide
  • Updates and support for 6 months.
  • All shipping and handling costs.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
Additional information You may also be interested in VAST/Parallel, an efficient OpenMP compilation system.
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