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VAST overview

The VAST system uses very high-level analysis and optimization to go beyond what normal compiling systems can accomplish. It examines entire loop nests in great detail, and can restructure them to suit the target architectures of many kinds of computer systems. VAST contains sophisticated data dependency analysis techniques to detect when optimized execution will be safe, has very advanced inlining abilities, and uses interprocedural analysis to optimize across procedure boundaries. And it does all this while maintaining a fast compile rate. All modern computer systems have a large amount of potential parallelism; the VAST system lets you exploit more of the inherent capabilities of your computers.

Development of VAST started in 1979 and continues up to the present time (2008 at this writing).

VAST versions exist for optimizing C, C++ and Fortran. Target architectures include SIMD, shared-memory parallel, distributed memory parallel, RISC/superscalar, vector and parallel-vector systems and many others.

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