Definition of Terms

active positions -- a position whose values participate in elemental execution.

context -- the component of a shape that designates the active positions of a parallel operand.

dimension -- the number of positions along an axis of a shape.

dpce.h header file


     shape []physical; (see definition of physical)
     typedef enum { DPCE_BLOCK, DPCE_SCALE } dpce_layout_specs_t;
     typedef struct { size_t size;
                      dpce_layout_specs_t spec; } dpce_layout_t;

element -- the value or object at a position within a parallel operand, respectively; or a member of an array.

elemental execution -- execution of a function or operation on elements within corresponding active positions of parallel operands.

layout -- information specifying a distribution of a parallel object or parallel value onto memory.

node -- an actual processing unit in the execution environment.

parallel indexing -- selecting elements of a parallel operand; single elements or multiple elements may be selected.

parallel object -- a structured collection of one or more identically-sized objects where the structure is defined by a shape.

parallel operand -- parallel value or parallel object.

parallel pointer -- a parallel operand whose element type is pointer type.

parallel lvalue -- a structured collection of one or more identically-typed values where the structure is defined by a shape.

physical -- a predefined variable of type shape which is of rank 1 and dimension equal to the number of nodes in the execution environment.

pointer to parallel -- a pointer type whose referenced type is a parallel type.

position -- a point within the index space defined by the Cartesia product of the dimensions of a shape.

rank -- the number of dimensions or axes in a shape.

reduction -- an operation that when applied to a parallel operand produces a single, nonparallel value, such as the sum of all the elements of a parallel object.

shape -- a type whose values consist of the following components: rank, dimensions, layout, and context.


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