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Why do you need DEEP/MPI?

Let's face the facts. Parallel programming is not easy. Programing distributed memory parallel systems is hard. Programming with a message passing library like MPI requires a big effort. Understanding the performance and behavior of MPI programs can be really difficult.

DEEP/MPI, from Crescent Bay Software, makes the life of an MPI programmer much easier. Your time working with MPI applications can be much more efficient when you know what is really going on with your parallel application. DEEP/MPI is a development environment for parallel programs (DEvelopment Environment for Parallel programs == DEEP) that provides program analysis and debugging tools for MPI programs written in Fortran or C. DEEP includes many tools accessed through an interactive integrated GUI interface; these tools can help you quickly understand and investigate parallel program structure, performance, and behavior. DEEP can find your MPI performance bottlenecks and behavior problems quickly, so you can concentrate on the problem your application is trying to solve.

DEEP Modes

DEEP has two fundamental modes:
  • The program analysis mode includes tools for program structure browsing (such as the call tree viewer) and tools for examining program performance (profiling at various levels). With these tools, the user is able to quickly find help in creating, understanding, tuning and maintaining parallel applications codes at the original source code level. Structure browsing tools let the user answer questions such as: How are the procedures connected? Where are global variables referenced? Profiling tools provide answers for questions such as: Where is the time spent? Which are the most important loops? Where are most of the messages passed? Where are most of the synchronizations done?

    Additional information is available on:

  • The debugging mode includes displays that help the user understand the values of variables at breakpoints in the execution of the program. With these tools, the user can quickly identify problems in the parallel program at the original source code level. These tools can be used to answer questions such as: What is the value of this array on different processors? When is this variable changed during the course of execution? What is the current status of all the processors working on the program?

    More information is available on using the DEEP debugging mode.

Additional Information About DEEP/MPI

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